Friday, 30 April 2010

World Hated Land Thieves Recruiting Gazans for Intelligence Work

Officials said Israeli intelligence agencies have stepped up their recruitment of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. They said the Israel Security Agency was recruiting Gazans for espionage operations through contact over the Internet and cellular phones.

"They want to check up on the situation in Gaza, and ask questions that trick citizens into cooperating with purported investigations," Hamas Interior Ministry official Mohammed Abu Abdullah said.

In April 2010, Hamas executed two Palestinians convicted of spying for Israel during the war in the Gaza Strip in 2009. Officials said Israeli intelligence agents were contacting Palestinians through such tools as Facebook and Twitter.

"The occupation [Israel] has begun to turn to Internet and phone lines — a common trick — in the recruitment of Palestinian citizens who willingly or not become collaborators," an official said.

Hamas warned Palestinians not to discuss any sensitive information over the telephone. In a statement on April 27, Abdullah said Israeli agents were posing as Palestinian and Western researchers and asking questions regarding the Gaza economy and other sectors.

Officials said Israeli intelligence appeared interested in locating key facilities around the Gaza Strip. They warned Palestinians not to respond and immediately hang up on unknown callers.

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