Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The UN’s disgraceful failure to support Gaza and Palestine!

Since its inception the United Nations has failed the people of Palestine, especially those living in the Gaza Strip. It predecessor, the League of Nations, also had many failings which eventually led to its demise and collapse. It is obvious that the UN of today is clearly not working and in many cases has no strength or accountability. We frequently see a majority vote take place but then when it gets into the hands of the Security Council (the elite few) it fizzles out, either by someone abstaining or using their trump card, the dreaded veto.

Despite the vast sums of money injected into its structure it still does not represent the nations of the world. I could ask the question is this organization run and controlled by the nations that pay for its running costs or is it controlled by the puppets of the New World Order?

We frequently see the scheming and plotting going on behind the scenes that are carried out by the US, UK, France and Germany (what I call the G3.5). They try to manipulate or apply pressure to the UN, ahead of any proposed resolution in an attempt to influence a certain outcome. What’s even more amazing is the fact that Germany is not a member of the Security Council and therefore does not have any additional powers.

Could we possibly again see such an organization as the UN fail for a second time or is there a glimmer of hope that reform and restructuring will take place to make it become more effective to serve the nations it is supposed to represent? It has almost become laughable to hear the Secretary General issue his feeble warnings to those that breach UN regulation or do not adhere to the resolutions that have been passed. What is the point in passing a resolution if there is no mechanism in place to enforce them?

Israel has ignored every resolution passed against it, which up to 1989 was 131, obviously the counting has now stopped has the total is now off the scale. What is ironic is that Iraq violated only one and the West went to war without justification….to this day that illegality still stands. More

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