Friday, 30 April 2010

Traitors To America Rally In NYC On 25/04/10: The Video

In my Files Of Absurdity: Volume CXVII, I called ever single person that was to attend the so called rally for Israel in NYC on April 25, 2010, a bunch of traitors that should be rounded up and either put into prison, or sent packing from America. Well, they gathered and they definitely showed their true allegiance, and the were allowed to spew their hatred for the REAL Semites and rightful citizens of Palestine, the Palestinians themselves. Here is a video of that so called "rally":

NTS Notes: These people interviewed in this video are the real cause of the problems in America. They call themselves "Americans" but they are nothing more than "dual citizen" Pro-Israeli Zionist Jews that have no loyalty to America at all. More

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