Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Hitler's Farm

By Sherman Skolnick (Was looking for something in my Hdrive and found this article by Sherman Skolnick who is a Jew)

Another very deep, dark secret of the 20th Century, is how some Chief Rabbis---certainly not all of them---operated in countries around Nazi Germany. In Poland, for example, these purported holymen were the community bankers. The ordinary people not having local banks available, such as in the U.S., they entrusted them with their money and valuables. And these Chief Rabbis, too often, told their people, after the invasion by the Germans, after 1939, "Shush, quiet, say nothing, get on the train. The Germans want you to work on the farm".

The ordinary Jews were fed these fairy tales. The trains took them to places like Auschwitz where many perished, having been worked to death as slave laborers for I.G. Farben and other Nazi indusry. Some concentration camp survivors I have known in Chicago have given me eyewitness accounts. They claim the grandchildren of these Chief Rabbis are big dealers in real estate and other businesses in the Chicago-area, with the treasures stolen by their Chief Rabbi grandfathers from fellow Jews, who naively believed what they were told, and got on the train "for the farm".

"You know who they are! Sue them! Expose them! The hour is late. You are 80 years old. What are you waiting for?" I have pleaded. My offer to volunteer my expertise on legal research has so far not been answered or accepted. In vain, I want this particular Great Secret of the 20th Century to be a matter of undisputed court record.


Since 1958, Mr.Skolnick has been a court reformer. Since 1963, founder/chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, disclosing certain instances of judicial and other bribery and political murders. Since 1991 a regular panelist, and since 1995, moderator/producer, of one-hour,weekly public access Cable TV Show, "Broadsides", Cablecast on Channel 21, 9 p.m. each Monday in Chicago. For a heavy packet of printed stories, send $5.00 [U.S. funds] and a stamped, self-addressed business sized envelope [4-1/4 x 9-1/2 #10 size] WITH THREE STAMPS ON IT, to Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, Sherman H. Skolnick, Chairman, 9800 South Oglesby Ave., Chicago IL 60617-4870. Office, 7 days, 8 a.m. to midnight,
(773) 375-5741 [PLEASE, no "just routine calls]. Before sending FAX, call.

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