Thursday, 22 April 2010

Antisemitic Defamatory League (ADL) releases Another Report

The Bnai Brith Gestapo parasites attack on the host nation and its citizens

During the first few months of 2010, anti-government extremism has taken on a new level of intensity in the United States. The arrests of the Hutaree militia in Michigan illustrate this passion, which exists both within and outside the militia movement. Unfortunately, the Hutaree arrests may come to be seen not as the culmination, but rather as a first step in what may need to become a major national law enforcement operation.

Monitoring of internet chatter, documented in this report, indicates that many militia members and other extremists believe that the recently passed health care legislation will be followed by the mass legalization of illegal immigrants, postponement or elimination of democratic elections, martial law and gun confiscation. In response, these anti-government extremists are saying, in many different forums, that they believe that violence may be, or clearly is, both necessary and justified.

The extent of these sentiments, combined with their sometimes shocking virulence, should serve as a warning sign that the violent rhetoric of today may be followed up with violent actions in the future.

While many initiatives launched by the Obama administration have prompted extremist reactions, some of the most explicit threats related to the health care legislation However, it is noteworthy that the overheated and alarmist rhetoric is not really about health care per se. Rather, the new extremist narrative – also supported conspiracist radio ideologues – is that the recently passed law is part of a more nefarious effort to institute “socialism” or “fascism”—or worse. Many on the anti-government right have asserted that the health care reform effort is in fact key to evil efforts to implement a tyrannical government by any means necessary. For such people, the specific measures of the bill are almost irrelevant; it is the bill itself that symbolizes a dark future for America.
“The bill that passed has NOTHING to do with healthcare,” wrote “TXplt” on the Gun and Game Forums on March 22. Rather, “…it is used solely as a vehicle to push an agenda—to destroy what is working in our insurance industries, to increase our government intrusion into citizens’ lives…and to eventually act as a vehicle for our power hungry miscreants to attempt to dictate every aspect of our lives.” A poster called “stainless,” writing to the Assault Web forums on the same day, thought the situation even more dire. “I don’t think you quite understand the scope of this bill,” he wrote. “From now on the gov. has absolute control of our lives…They can now declare a health ‘Emergency’ and shut down any portion of our society they want at any time. I suspect we will begin to see the practical affects [sic] of this control fairly quickly.”

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