Sunday, 14 December 2008

A researcher claims that Hitler escaped to Spain

An Argentine researcher who believes a "farce" the official theory about the suicide of Adolf Hitler in 1945 has found an FBI document that, as he says, proves that the U.S. Army looked for the Führer in Spain in 1947.

"Hitler, Eva Braun and 13 senior Nazis landed in Barcelona on April 27, 1945, on a flight that departed from Berlin and made a stop in Linz (Austria)," said Bastia. "Traveled in a 'Junker 290, serial number 0163, code PIPQ, 'which later was found by the allies at an airport in the naval town of Travemünde, near Hamburg, "revealed the investigator, for whom Spain" was just a springboard for the escape of Hitler in submarine into South America ".

"The FBI document, dated May 1947, charged value uniting all these historical facts, but my theory is that Hitler was in Spain no more than a month and had already left the country when the U.S. Army tried it there," stressed .

Bastia, which will launch in the coming months, his third book about the Nazis in Argentina, found that the suicide of the leader of the Third Reich in his bunker in Berlin was a "great mise en scene" of the Germans. "The Germans left corpses in the bunkers with credentials of their leaders to make the world believe that it was them. Incluso se utilizaron varios dobles de Hitler”, indicó. They even used several doubles of Hitler, "he said.

In that sense, said on its Internet portal there is an original audio of the British public channel BBC in which a Soviet general said that the army of that country "had received several dead bodies that supposedly belonged to Hitler."

"I have also managed to find documentation that Joseph Stalin and other Soviet general talk about the escape of Hitler to Spain," he said.

Hitler died in 1960 in Argentina

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