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There are numerous outstanding articles and books that do an excellent job of debunking the so-called Holocaust, consequently I have not approached the topic before. Then I re-read Holocaust Dogma Of Judaism (see postscript) and some other esoteric works, and saw that there is more to say, particularly from certain perspectives. I take a rather atypical analytical approach, making use of psychology, metaphysics, mysticism and magic, Talmudic traditions, Kabalistic gematria, literary deconstructionism and revisionist historiography.

From this unique perspective, I shall lay bare, deconstruct and demystify the occult origin and purposes of this very special, and exactly precise number of 6,000,000 Holocaust deaths.

To say the least, there are a plethora of opinions on all sides of this contentious matter. We begin with Dr. Rhawn Joseph, a Jewish psychoanalyst and writer, who directs our attention to the number six (in Hebrew, the letter vav w equals six) about which you shall soon know more. Worthy of note, Dr. Joseph maintains that Hitler and most of the National Socialist hierarchy were either Jewish or part Jewish. Adolf Hitler, Founder Of Israel (in German, Adolf Hitler, Begrunder Israels; see postscript), a somewhat obscure book by Hennecke Kardel, maintains the same thing. This exceptionally curious and controversial hypothesis is, of course, deserving of a separate article, and we cannot treat it here. Nonetheless, we can conjecture that if this were true, the so-called Holocaust might simply be seen as a curious intra-Judaic affair. Interesting idea, is it not?

“And just as the ancient Jews stripped the Egyptians of their worldly goods before setting off for the Promised Land, the German Jews who sought to immigrate were stripped of their worldly possessions. In the Bible we are told that 600,000 departed Egypt for the Promised Land. Hitler expelled 600,000 from Germany. Those who remained or failed to heed the six years of repeated warnings to leave Germany were finally herded into concentration camps where they were enslaved, starved and worked to death. … However, instead of killing 600,000 of the "chosen" who the Lord God killed or allowed to die of old age in the desert, Hitler would expel 600,000 and then kill 6,000,000.” …

But, perhaps even more importantly, Hitler initially had no interest in killing off or exterminating the Jewish population, and in fact, those who were first forced into the concentration camps were political enemies and priests and pastors. Indeed, although the modern Western Jewish media repeatedly attempts to blame Christians in general and Catholics in particular for not doing enough for the Jews, it was not the Jews, but Christians in general and Catholics in particular who were first marked for complete eradication by the Jewish Hitler and his Nazi party.”
Dr. Rhawn Joseph, The Mind Of God And Adolf Hitler.

Whoever controls the symbols and language of a civilization controls its course and destiny. “6,000,000 Jews died in the Holocaust. Everybody knows that.” Official history books, schools, universities, preachers, pundits and the popular press tell us this over and over. Memorials and survivors are everywhere, and the cinema, plus the powerful broadcast media never, ever let us forget it. This truly magical number continually works its spell, producing uncounted millions of Hollow-Co$t dollars and euros each year.

Let’s begin with the basics. First of all, were 6,000,000 Jews killed in WWII? Well, according to population records, it seems rather improbable. Moreover, the obviously important mystic 6,000,000 and the accompanying magic word, Holocaust (always religiously spelled with a capital H), were invoked many years before the Second World War, as in the 1919 propaganda piece below. Ben Weintraub’s 1995 book, Holocaust Dogma Of Judaism, fully explores and explains the Kabalistic gematria and occultism involved in the number. 6,000,000 is the number of perfect souls times ten, and ten is number of the Sephiroth, the divine emanations of G_d as seen in the Kabala.

Thus, it is numerologically predetermined, and through various dark conjuring rites, supernaturally imbued with power. As a result, it can never, ever be changed. This is critical, central to the hex. 6,000,000 is the number. There are never more deaths; there are never less. 6,000,000 is the number. It must be ritually repeated and publicly acknowledged. The spell cannot work any other way. As you see, we are exorcising and demystifying this elemental and thoroughly essential figure. This exact and perfect number of 6,000,000 is crucial. Would altering it by debunking and exposing it effect a Kabalistic change? The thwarting of a heinous Hebrew hex? The unworking of a Satanic Semitic spell? Let it be!

While the official totals at various so-called “death camps” such as Auschwitz have been downsized over the years, this apparently has no bearing on the ubiquitous use of the magical number. One might think that the Judaic people would be delighted to hear that not as many were killed as they had

thought, but this is never the case. Nor does it increase. No new evidence of even more deaths is ever discussed. The six million is now part of religious doctrine and dogma, despite plenty of contradictory evidence. See examples below.

By Dr. Harrell Rhome

© 2008. All Rights Reserved.

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