Sunday, 6 April 2008

Anne Frank Diary and the Biro

More on "The Anne Frank Diary Fraud"

The author states that the ball point pen wasn't invented until after World War 2 in his comments about the Diary of Anne Frank.

Quote: "By the way, did you know that the last part of Anne Frank's handwritten diary was done in ball-point pen, which wasn't even invented until after the end of the war?"

The fact is, the ball point pen was a predecessor of the fountain pen and was patented in Germany in 1910 by a German inventor named Baum. However, the first man to actually develop and launch a ball-point pen was the Hungarian L. Jozsef Biro (1899-1985) from Budapest, who in 1938 invented a ball-point pen with a pressurized ink cartridge. He is considered the inventor of today's ball-point pen. Working as a journalist, Biro noticed that the ink used in newspaper printing dried quickly, leaving the paper dry and smudge-free. From there he got the idea to use the same type of ink for writing instruments. Since the thicker ink would not flow from a regular pen nib, he fitted his pen with a tiny ball bearing in its tip. Moving along the paper, the ball rotates picking up ink from the ink cartridge and leaving it on the paper. This principle of the ballpoint pen dates back to a never commercially exploited patent of 1888 owned by John J. Loud for a product to mark leather.

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In our efforts to search for the truth about the holocaust, we must get our facts straight. The fact is, something happened in those camps and abroad in German-occupied territory. One need not to look too far into man's history to find plenty of examples of man's cruelty and hatred for his fellow man. I think the Nazis were as capable of mass murder as easily as the Jewish Communists or even the so- called God-fearing Americans...who are all so pure in their own eyes. Comment by John Carpenter


Abe Bird said...

Do you know that Mr. Baum. and L. Jozsef Biro were both Jews !?!?!

Though I think it is a Joooooish conspiacy to write with ball point pen !!!!

Anonymous said...

To Abe Bird
On your next post please check a dictionary.If you decide to post a comment on something, check how to spell it first. [if you find this tricky to interpret, just look up the spelling of 'Jewish' and'con-spi-rac-y. it is rather offensive to Jews.]