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A Dynasty of Mass Murderers:

Bush Family Connections to Genocide and Financing Hitler
George Herbert Walker, no photo available, click for Kitty Kelley website photo Samual Prescott Bush, WWI War Profiteer Prescott Bush, Hitler Financier George Herbert Walker Bush, Genocidialist on several continents: Cambodia - allied with Pol Pot, Nicaragua, El Salvador Death Squads, East Timor, George Walker Bush,  Modern Genocidalist,  100,000 Iraqi civilians dead so far.
A Dynasty of Mass Murderers:
Bush Family Nazis

Four generations of the sociopathic predator George W. Bush family have been attacking the human race through stealth practices, and contributing to the mass murder of millions of people. The Bush family has financed, aided and abetted, and collaborated with the most evil dictators and tyrants of the 20th century.

The story is too complicated as told by most historians, so this is an attempt to give a concise overview of the key points of this geneology of monsters which can be easily grasped by the general public. Of course this is a simplification and many links are provided to documentation online. More complete history is found in books in libraries which are copyrighted and therefore not on the internet.

Bush Family Nazi Supporter image -
[no photo available, artistic rendition approximates his character]
George Herbert Walker -- a supreme predator, operating with top organized crime lords, devoured companies and people's life works for their private enrichment without honest work of the few cannibals hiding behind facades of feigned decency. [1] His allies, collaborators, and sometimes business partners included John D. Rockefeller (founder of Exxon way back then under the name of Standard Oil of New Jersey), [2] [3] E.H. Harriman (owned railroads) [4] [5] [6] and William Rockefeller (financed Harriman's railroad through Rockefeller's 'Citibank' predecessor). [7] [8] Walker is the architypal Wall Street War Profiteer, with office headquarters address at 1 Wall Street. [9] [10]

Bush Family Nazi Supporter image - Samuel Prescott Bush

Samuel Prescott Bush -- He was son of a Episcopalian preacher converted over to the satanic side by George Herbert Walker. Walker and Bush would each contribute one child to the marriage of Prescott Bush and Dorothy Walker to produce grandson George Herbert Walker Bush, and great-grandson George Walker Bush.

Sam started out as low-management for railroads, where he made the connections needed to move over to Buckeye Steel Castings Company. Buckeye harbored railroad strike-breaker sentiment from the president on down. It's founder was member of the "Cleveland Gatling Gun Battery",[11] called a military and social organization, set up in 1878, the year after nationwide railroad strikes the year before. This guns and railroad connection returns for World War I, when Buckeye Steel produced gun barrels and shell casings,[12] and Sam Bush was moved by his employer-owners puppet-masters into the position of chief of the Ordnance, Small Arms and Ammunition Section of the War Industries Board. Bush took national responsibility for government assistance to and relations with Remington and other weapons companies.[13]

Preacher's son Bush looks innocent until you are informed that his patron, Percy Rockefeller [14] took control of Remington Arms in 1914. [15] Frank Rockefeller was president of Buckeye Steel for three years from 1905-1908, followed by Sam Bush from 1908-1937, throughout the WWI years and the gunbarrel sales era of Buckeye.[16] In 1915 a new Remington plant was constructed, operational by 1916 for the first world war, just in time to get a million rifle order from Russia.[17], [18] 67% of all the ammunition used in WWI by the US, Britain and Russia was sold by "Merchants of Death" Remington. [19] [20] [21]

Samuel Prescott Bush was an early president of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), which is has always been anti-worker, anti-consumer-rights, and ultra-conservative. Three past presidents of NAM helped Robert Welch form the John Birch Society, to uphold the tradition of Sam Bush -- Bush's Buckeye Steel employees worked seven days per week, 12 hours per day. It's not a far step for son Prescott Bush managing Auschwitz slave labor worked to death.

Bush Family Nazi Supporter image - Prescott Bush

Prescott Sheldon Bush -- Best known for serving in the US armed forces in Arizona during WWI spent defacing Geronimo's grave and grave-robbing the skull for his germanic secret piracy club "Skull and Bones Society" headquartered at Yale, University. [22] [23] [24] What he is not famous for was his financier banker support of Adolph Hitler, the Nazi Storm Troopers, Auschwitz and death camps. In his quest to get rich Prescott Bush collaborated with the Nazis before war broke out and through the year after Pearl Harbor.

Bush Family Nazi Supporter image - Nazi Fritz Thyssen book cover Nazi Party Member Frederich Fritz Thyssen with Adolph Hitler - Bush Family Nazi Supporter image Bush Family Nazi Supporter image - Frederich Fritz Thyssen funded Hitler

Prescott Bush became Hitler's banker when he became Fritz Thyssen's banker. [25] [26] The incredible loot Fritz's father made in steel, coal, and railroads during WWI was hidden in Holland. Shortly afterwards he was looking to spread some in America and opened a front operation through E.R. Harriman in New York City. [27] [28], [29] In fact, reports indicate that the Bush connections to Nazi money continued through 1951. [30]

Prescott Bush managed American-Silesian Company interests in Auscwitz from 1939-1942 - Auschwitz-Birkenau I.G. Farben

The reason Auschwitz was located where it was is because that is near where Fritz Thyssen's coal, steel, and railroads were. [31] [32] That made it possible for I.G. Farben to synthesize fuel from coal gasification for the war machine there, which made it also possible to synthesize rubber there. [33] [34] I.G. Farben also made Zyklon B gas, enough to annihilate two million people according to the trial testimony of the Auschwitz camp commander Rudolf Hoess. [35] [36] [37]

Fritz Thyssen published a book titled "I Paid Hitler" in 1941. It described how Thyssen sponsored the Storm Troopers of Ernst Roehm as early as 1933, allowing them to build up to 4,500,000 strong to take over Germany. But in 1942, even after Pearl Harbor, Prescott Bush and his father-in-law George Herbert Walker, were administering Thyssen's money until forced by the US government to halt (temporarily).

Bush Family Nazi Supporter image - Eisenhower views death camp victims Bush Family Nazi Supporter image - Eisenhower enlarged for clarity Eisenhower with death camp finiancier Prescott Bush

The Bush family got rich stealing everything these people had. It stole their children, stole their homes, stole their belongings, stole their clothes, stole their hair, stole their freedom, stole their government, stole their work, stole their health, stole their lives.

The Nazi Bush family got rich
stealing the gold filings
out of murdered victims teeth.

Bush Family Nazi Supporter image Killed to make living room
Bush Family Nazi Supporter image Closeup Head Shot click for larger picture
Bush Family Nazi Supporter image mass murder
Bush Family Nazi Supporter image click for larger view of murderer
Bush Family Nazi Supporter image Auschwitz Bunker 5, click for larger view
Bush Family Nazi Supporter image Jews Starved to Death click for the story
Bush Family Nazi Supporter image einsatzgruppen Pit of dead jews, click for larger view
Bush Family Nazi Supporter image Jews in Auschwitz cattle cars
Nazi Storm Troopers, Ernst Roehm, Hitler paid by Prescott Bush & Thyssen
Bush Family Nazi Supporter image pile of dead bodies at liberated death camp.
Bush Family Nazi Supporter image Jews gassed by Carbon Monoxide, click for more info
Bush Family Nazi Supporter image Death camp inmates in barracks
Bush Family Nazi Supporter image Valley of the Dead pit of bodies
Prescott Bush got rich from Auschwitz George W. Bush carries on family values
Bush Family Nazi Supporter image  Hitler and Ernst Roehm of the Nazi Storm Troopers paid by Thyssen-Bush Bank

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