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Nathan Levi A Cannibal That Ate 27 Children

Nathan Levi Bar-Jonah

A Real Life Hannibal Lechter

His High Priced Legal Team

The Jewish  Cannibal That Ate Gentile Children
Nathan killed, butchered, and ate his victims. He started in 1974 and was finally stopped in 2002.

Nathan Starts In 1974
In 1974, Nathan pleads guilty to impersonating a policeman and assaulting an eight-year-old boy, for which he received one year of probation.

Nathan Attacks Two Boys In 1977 In 1977, Nathan kidnapped and choked two boys.
He was convicted of attempted murder, and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

A Zionist Psychiatrist Puts Him In Mental HospitalNathaniel Levi Bar Jonah says he has fantasies involving murder and cannibalism, and he was transferred to the Bridgewater State Hospital for Sexual Predators.

He was released in 1991.
Another Assault Then on Aug. 9, 1991, Mr. Bar-Jonah is arrested for battery on a 7-year-old boy, during an incident outside an Oxford post office. He is sentenced to two years probation, on the condition he move to Montana with his mother.
Moves To Montana In 1991
He moved to Great Falls in August 1991, to serve out a two-year sentence of probation.
Dec. 18, 1993
Bar-Jonah molests an 8-year-old boy he is babysitting in Great Falls, Mont. He is charged, but the case is later dropped when the mother refuses to let the boy testify.

Feb. 6, 1996
Ten-year-old Zachary Ramsay disappears on his way to Whittier Elementary School in Great Falls.

Dec. 13, 1999 -
Nathaniel Bar-Jonah is arrested while lurking around the Lincoln Elementary School in Great Falls in the early morning dressed as a policeman. According to police, he is carrying a stun gun, a can of pepper spray, a fake police badge and a toy revolver. He quickly becomes the focus of the Ramsay investigation.

Dec. 17, 1999
Police search his apartment and find nude photos of him and young boys

June 6, 2000
Police dig up a portion of Bar-Jonah's garage and recover a bunch of human bones.
On Dec.18, 2000, Bar-Jonah is charged with the kidnapping and murder of Ramsay. Authorities contend Bar-Jonah ate the boy's remains.

Feb. 26, 2002

Nathan stands trial in Great Falls, Montana

 Police found 28 boxes of potential evidence that links Bar-Jonah to Zachary's disappearance. Investigators have found stun guns, knives, batons, a blue police-style coat, police badges. They also found a list of names, including Zachary, young relatives and children of friends.
Police Found Recipes
Police also found writings where Bar-Jonah allegedly makes references to "Little Boy Stew," "Little Kid Desert," "Little Boy Pot Pies".
Authorities reveal that Bar-Jonah ate the boy's remains and also fed them to unwitting friends and family.
Police Suspect More Victims
Bar-Jonah kept a list of 27 names that police suspect could be his Massachusetts victims from 1963 to1977. The story sends law enforcement scrambling to find earlier atrocities the suspected serial killer may have committed. Their search includes Arkansas, Florida, Colorado, and into Canada.
Nathan was convicted on three counts

Nathan received the maximum sentence of 130 years without parole. Prison video.

High Priced Lawyers
His attorneys appealed to the state supreme court and lost.

Why No Publicity?

A Jewish cannibal that is suspected of eating 27 children, with a possibility of dozens more. The guy is paedophile that lived with his Momma, so where did he get the money for his legal team?


Michael said...

This is incredibe!!! Why do they let people like this out at all from the get go? Wait a minute: his Mother raised him, he became a predator, and now they're releasing into her care??? That should reform him right away, shouldn't it? And she's certainly shown that she has a strong influence on his ethics (not).

Anonymous said...

Bullshit! Nathaniel Benjamin Levi Bar-Jonah, born David P. Brown (February 15, 1957 – April 13, 2008), wasn't jewish, he changed his name to a jewish name in 1991.
He was crazy!
Also, there are bad people everywhere, no matter what religion. Hitler killed millions of Jews and was a classical psychopath. This page is polemic, check the truth before you are writing lies!

King Edward 1492 said...

Jews for centuries have been kidnapping non-jews or as they refer to us (goyim) and killing and eating them and get this; it's ok according to their religon. All you need to do is read their holy book the "talmud" to understand the mind of these monsters. They also call our lord and saviour Jesus Christ a bastard that boils eternally in semen and calls mother
Mary a whore, These people are not people they are creatures from hell literally. "Remember the U.S.S. Liberty"

Nicholas said...

Dear King Edward 1492, you are retarded.

tablet pc barato said...

I fully match with whatever thing you have written.

Anonymous said...

this website is retarded and anti-semitic and i feel so sorry for these people who hate so much. exactly how fucked up do you have to be to talk like that king edward nut?

Anonymous said...

In 1991, he changed his name to Nathaniel Benjamin Levi Bar-Jonah. He gave several reasons for changing his name. One reason he gave, during an interview with Dr. Michael Stone for the television show, "Most Evil", was that he was Jewish and wanted his name to reflect that.

Anonymous said...

This is such fucking garbage....and yes he was Jewish but this is so fucking stupid....I saw a sight the other day claiming pretty much every serial killer has been Jewish haha fucking retarded.... one even said Ted Bundy was Jewish ( a man who described hiself as being raised christian ...Just watch his final interview he says it about 5-6 times) and that manson was jewish ( a man who is open about being an anti semite btw) and BTW King Edward your bullshit about Jews killing non jews for centuries is laughable A: Jews dont have the numbers of population (although Im sure there is some conspiracy you'll come up with to argue me) Not to mention Christians have been responsible for more deaths than anyone hahah :) Its funny how anti semitism is the only prejudice when it comes to creeds or what have you that is never based on something you can see...for instance... Its not there attitude or smell or food choices or what have you ...Its always something about how Jews are controlling and ruining your life somehow...CONSPIRACY GARBAGE get over your probably dont know any jews and never have

T said...
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Anonymous said...