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Time is running out for the Zionists, time is catching up with them. If they panic now, everything is exposed; all their big dreams threaten to fail.

The real Zionists in Israel understand the lateness of the hour – Zionism is a dying entity.
It is no longer possible to foresee this Israel having a real Jewish majority. Acts of desperation have marked the last thirty years of Israeli policies, which have been tailored to incorporate more and more Gentiles as “Jews,” even though not one drop of Jewish blood flows through the veins of some of them. First, the Zionists co-opted the Soviet “Jews,” who are descended from Khazarian converts to Judaism, in southern Russia. Now we read of the IDF soldiers who are trying to convince another two million foreign workers in Israel to convert to Judaism. Barring a new wave of extreme anti-Semitism scaring the entire Diaspora back to the holy land, the security and comfort of assimilation and inter-marriage have doomed the Zionist dream to failure.

By every available indicator the proof is rushing in, Zionism has failed. The dreams of Herzl, Ben Gurion, Begin and Jabotinsky are being exposed as the brutal shams that they have always been. The Jewish people cannot be seduced or forced back to the brutal desert land. Zionism cannot re-create the Israel of the God of peace, by force; it cannot seize God’s promise from His hand; it cannot re-build God’s Kingdom using Hitler’s methods.

Faithful Zionists are expected and encouraged to help cultivate the image of Israel that is exposed to the eyes of the world. Citizens of Israel assume that all American Jews have an obligation to rush to Israel’s defense whenever the Lobby needs foot soldiers. Zionism needs to maintain two images of Israel, to be selectively projected to the world when the need arises - the civilized, cultured, moral side of Judaism, and the brutal repressive military force (that will not hesitate to strike the enemies of Israel). If the world is allowed to see the true nature of Zionist Israel, before the psychological war is finished, then their cover will be blown. The plot to seize God’s land by force would be exposed. There is a deep division within the Jewish community between the true believers in God and the believers in the devious plans of man. The Lobby exists on its ability to manipulate secular Jews ands true believers in Torah into helping to cover-up the carnage generated by the barbaric Zionists and their acts of ethnic cleansing of the land of Greater Israel.

While the power of The Lobby is openly respected in Israel, here in America we are expected to pretend that it has almost zero capability to move government, or to affect foreign policy. The lobby can only string America along as long as we allow it to project the benevolent image of Israel, the mask, behind which hides the extortionist and the killer. No other group (especially one that claims to have no power over anyone) wields a similar political power to bend the will of the United States government,

The pro-Israel lobbies have to hide the awful truth about Zionist intentions from the world, in order to achieve them. Normal Jewish folks cannot be allowed to learn that Zionism has always been about force, and that one day the hidden sword will be fully unsheathed and used upon the people of Palestine. Zionist literature acknowledges that the Arabs will never yield to Israel’s demands and that eventual overwhelming violence will be the only solution. The key to success is to keep the inevitable bloodbath hidden for as long as possible, hopefully until it is too late to prevent it. The powerful image of the fourth most powerful army in the world serves as an unassailable “iron wall.” It is meant to frighten the Palestinians and the Arabs into submitting to Israeli demands. It is also meant to frighten non-Zionist Jews into submission.

The Lobby is but the point of the spear that Zionists use to gouge the fleshy parts of the complacent, fully-assimilated Jewish Diaspora into rising-up in America on behalf of Israel. Since the Jewish assimilation into the body of America is an accomplished fact, they cannot be scared back to Israel, although they can be made to feel guilty. The Zionist agitators can stage events to motivate Jewish activism on behalf of Israel. One of the most important tasks for this agitated and aroused Jewish minority is the movement of money into the right pockets, the pockets of the government and the friends of government. Along with these political “donations” comes a torrent of money into thousands of other different causes and political coffers. This is the real power of the Lobby; they wield the power of the purse, capable of bending the will of those who touch it.

The power of the Lobby’s purse can silence political opposition, through threats, arm-twisting and cronyism. Besides the obvious stranglehold maintained over the American media and the press, we see the political debate about Israel and Zionism being stifled by powerful American Zionists. The intense political pressures being brought to bear against Mearsheimer and Walt, and others like Prof. Norman Finkelstein, are exposing the power of the Lobby’s to bring out the big gun Jewish lawyers like Alan Dershowitz to label all legitimate criticism as “anti-Semitism” and “hate speech.”

The Zionist focus at this time is in “debunking” the work of Mearsheimer and Walt’s claims about the power of the Lobby to affect American foreign policy in the Middle East. This effort will continue until the American/Israeli bombs begin to fall upon Iran; the proof of Israeli culpability will be in the skies over Tehran. Our primary reason for taking on the Israeli lobby is to alleviate the pressure on Washington that is being generated by Israel. Since this pressure is only coming from two sources, Israel and the Zionist neocons, proving the Neocon history of manipulating American foreign policy to attain the goals of Israeli foreign policy, will also provide evidence that many of them are agents of foreign governments, right on up the line, all the way to back to AIPAC and AEI (American Enterprise Institute).

The anti-Zionist front against AIPAC and the rest of the Israel lobby has just been reinforced, with the new controversy generated by the research of Grant F. Smith in Foreign Agents: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee From the 1963 Fulbright Hearings to the 2005 Espionage Scandal . This book documents the Senate Fulbright hearings into groups who were acting as agents of foreign governments, while seeking to undermine US foreign policy. The testimony revealed that AIPAC and its predecessor, the American Zionist Council acted as “non profit” corporations under control of The Jewish Agency, which was created by the Israeli Parliament, operating on funds from Israel, carrying out the orders from an executive who became the next President of Israel. Fulbright uncovered major covert initiatives designed to influence U.S. policy through media campaigns… [including in 1954] a covert false-flag operation in Egypt known as “Operation Susannah.” Israeli agents launched terrorist bombing attacks against U.S. -, British-, and Egyptian-owned targets in Egypt…” – aka Lavon Affair. These findings were suppressed within the government, never to be followed up on.

Since June 8, 1967, the foreign agents of The Lobby have been busily suppressing news reporting on another Israeli attack, where Israeli forces determinedly tried to sink an American warship, the USS Liberty, in order to hide their activities during the “six day war.” This historical incident, where 34 Americans were silenced permanently by Israeli boats and bombers, is also refusing to fade away, with this October 2 Chicago Tribune article on the hidden attack.,1,4731731.story?coll=chi_home_top&ctrack=2&cset=true Here we have documentation on the lingering power of Israel to cover-up and stop investigations of murder and acts of war committed against American citizens by the Zionist Israeli state.

The Jonathan Pollard spy scandal in 1985 involved the theft of over 800,000 secret documents from the Dept. of Defense, which were transferred to Israel, allegedly with the help of American neocons, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith and Lehman. Richard Perle was also caught passing secrets to Israel on his own, in a separate series of incidents.

Another timely event that helps prove Israeli/Zionist duplicity and hostile intent in its manipulations of American foreign policy is the spy trial for AIPAC heads Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman. They have been indicted for violating the Espionage Act, for handing over top-secret intelligence to Israeli embassy officials. They have been implicated in the Larry Franklin spying case, where they received top secret plans for regime change in Iran from Franklin, who was an underling of Douglas Feith in the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans.

The Office of Special Plans was the insertion point for much of the Israeli-provided “intelligence” on Iraq that was used to steer America into this first war fought for Israel. In the Nation, June 19, 2003, Robert Dreyfuss reports on comments leaked by a high former US government official, who claimed that Ariel Sharon started his own Off. Of Special Plans, to feed dubious “evidence” on Iraq to its American counterpart:

“According to the former official, also feeding information to the Office of Special Plans was a secret, rump unit established last year in the office of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel. This unit, which paralleled Shulsky’s–and which has not previously been reported–prepared intelligence reports on Iraq in English (not Hebrew) and forwarded them to the Office of Special Plans. It was created in Sharon’s office, not inside Israel’s Mossad intelligence service, because the Mossad–which prides itself on extreme professionalism–had views closer to the CIA’s, not the Pentagon’s, on Iraq. This secretive unit, and not the Mossad, may well have been the source of the forged documents purporting to show that Iraq tried to purchase yellowcake uranium for weapons from Niger in West Africa, according to the former official.”

Karen Kwiatkowski, then working at the Pentagon, describes how “…a desk officer appointee from the Washington Institute for Near Policy [a think tank closely tied to the main pro-Israel lobby in Washington, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee]” had been made “the Israel desk officer to the Pentagon.”

There is no way to disprove that the neocons and the Israelis have been primary motivators in instigating the two wars. The same Neocon plotters who manufactured the false “evidence” used to justify the Iraq war for their pro-Israel scheme through the Office of Special Plans are now actively providing Israel the same service in the run-up to the Iran war (some of them in the “Iranian Directorate,” the new OSP). This is the same series of planned wars around Israel that Neocon agents Perle and Wurmser had tried to persuade Netanyahu to undertake in the “Clean Break” proposal.

The entire Zionist/Neocon philosophy has been based on the concept of waiting for the worst to happen, for the opportunity it will create. It cannot yet be proved at this point, that the Israeli agents of the cabal took actions to cause the worst to happen on September 11. But there is considerable evidence that the Neocon/Israeli network knew that the attack was coming, and they did nothing to avert it. A government that treats emergencies as opportunities to expand its power is not a government of the people. A government that does not take proactive measures or preventative measures to protect it citizens from impending doom is hostile to democracy. A foreign policy that reflects the will of a foreign power is a form of tyranny that cannot be accepted.

Here is a nearly complete list of fifty years of hostile Israeli actions, intended to force American foreign policy into a pro-Israeli mold.

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