Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The Zionist Art Thieves

The Rape Of Baghdad Museum

Baghdad Museum – Rarest artifacts in history

5000 yr old priceless art

A Caravan Of Six Trucks Emptied It

This Was A Big Museum

Baghdad, Iraq - April 2003

The chaos and current situation of Iraq has led to the loss of valuable artifacts dating back thousands of years... The museum staff blamed U.S. troops for not protecting the treasures. Surveying the littered glass wreckage of display cases and pottery shards at the Iraqi National Museum on Saturday, deputy director Nabhal Amin wept and told Reuters: They have looted or destroyed 170,000 items of antiquity dating back thousands of years...They were worth billions of dollars."

It houses items from ancient Babylon and Nineveh, Sumerian statues, Assyrian reliefs and 5,000-year-old tablets bearing some of the earliest known writing

There are also gold and silver helmets and cups from the Ur cemetery. Iraq, a cradle of civilization long before the empires of Egypt, Greece, or Rome, was home to dynasties that created agriculture and writing and built the cities of Nineveh, Nimrud and Babylon -- site of Nebuchadnezzar's Hanging Gardens.

Tommy Franks

Many Iraqis say the Jewish soldier/commander, Tommy Franks, ok the convoys that looted the Baghdad Museum. They claim the New York crowd has their artifacts.

Full Report PDF

The New York Art Dealers

They are 'Outraged' that their community is focused on.

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