Thursday, 24 April 2008

Jewish Art and Craft

According to The Yale Daily News, senior and Art major Aliza Shvarts goal in creating her senior art project was to "spark conversation and debate." In that, Ms. Shvarts has certainly succeeded, but many Yale students and members of the art community have doubts about her motivation. For the project, which is set to go on exhibit next Tuesday, she claims she artificially inseminated herself "as often as possible" and then induced abortions so she could videotape them in her bathtub. She saved the blood from her miscarriages and will use that, along with her videotaped abortions, as part of her exhibit.

Yale's Aliza Shvartz Is A Hit With New York's Avant Guard Assholes


Aliza Shvarts / Shvartz: The Documentary - Promo

Wrapping Crap in Plastic

She Video Tapes Her Bowel Movements

Guess what's in the bags on the walls!!

This Week We Dealt With A Load Of Crap

Aliza Shvarts ’08, pictured here in her studio in April, will present new work as part of a larger piece at the Tate Modern in London. Her controversial senior project, in which she claimed she self-induced miscarriages after inseminating herself, ignited an uproar on campus and across the country this spring.

"...would wrap hundreds of feet of plastic sheeting..." Ah, how cutting edge. How avante-garde! How 21st century!

Jew Denies Private Holocaust

The Yalies want Aliza Auschwitz Shvarts to say she was lying about the self-induced abortions, and, curiously, the self-impregnations. Perhaps the liberal profs don't want the sex for grades policy to be scrutinized from any angle. Also, in the interest of public health, Yalies insist that no real human blood be used if the masterpiece is allowed on public display. The Yalies' interest in public health end with a woman's right to choose to kill her baby.

The Art of Abortion

Aliza Shvarts Pushes The Envelope

Even a house deeply sunk in LSD, heroin, armed outlaws, bad poetry and the wholesale political-spiritual-aesthetic catastrophe of Beat-Hip lifestyles on the 1960s could not have come up with the faintest wisp of the thought:

"I'll collect my menstrual blood, which might or might not contain a fetus, save it, then smear it on some plastic sheeting with some Vaseline to keep it moist, and wrap a cube in it, and proclaim it 'art.'"


How These Creatures Love Their Scat

The "artist" has documented herself throughout a 9 month process where she artificially inseminated herself and then periodically took abortifacient drugs in order to induce miscarriages.

The exhibit, which will begin next Tuesday, will include video recordings of the forced miscarriages.

WTF?!?!?! Ewwww!!!!!

It will also include preserved samples of the blood during the process.

According to Shvarts, her goal was to "spark conversation and debate on the relationship between art and the human body."

Students have expressed shock upon hearing of the exhibit. Rightfully so!

Yale fetus artist Aliza Shvarts

Her Latest Jewelry Line Is Pendants With Miscarried Baby Brains

Aliza Shvarts' Insists Miscarriage Art Project Is Real

Miscarried baby brain juice - and retails for $45.00. Chains are not included

And Your Kids Die In Iraq For This Human Garbage?


Some strapping young rancher, from a small town in Montana joined the National Guard, to get college money to go to a state school. Little did he know that he would be in Iraq for two years because Bush, and his neocons, decided we needed to protect Israel.

Now some flea infested, unshaven, three day old undies wearing Yenta from New York gets a scholarship to Yale. In an effort to gain attention at her local Hillel house she resorts to the Zionist's basic instincts, their fascination with their vaginas, rectums, and the ohh so mystic stool.

A photo of Aliza Shvarts was found in a 2004 newsletter (PDF) sent out by her high school to announce that she would be getting an award for "good leadership and good citizenship" at her graduation ceremony.

The Yale art student could not be reached for comment…and the AP really tried to get a hold of her!

Abortion Girl's phone number was disconnected and she did not respond to e-mails or a knock knock on the door at the address listed for her in the campus directory in New Haven.

She's probably gonna be in hiding for a while!

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