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Cartoons and Bordellos

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1- Why is Piggish Denmark Offending Islam

IS DENMARK BEING SET UP? Why a Nation Known for Pork is Busy Attacking Islam

I must say that I was somewhat surprised to read today in the New York Times that 17 newspapers in Denmark had reprinted the most offensive anti-Muslim cartoon from early 2006. For so many newspapers in tiny Denmark to re-publish the offensive cartoon in concert, on the very same day, indicates that the anti-Muslim conspiracy and agenda I discussed two years ago are, indeed, real, alive, and active.

One might reasonably ask why one of the smallest and weakest countries in the world, with a population of less than 6 million, would want to inflame the passions and provoke the 1.5 billion Muslims of the world? It simply doesn't make any sense, especially for a nation like Denmark that depends on its exports.

Didn't Danes pay an extremely high price in 2006 when Muslim nations boycotted Danish products and mobs attacked their embassies? Why would any sensible Dane want to see that happen again? Are they completely insane?

Why would Danes be so eager to offend Muslims? Are they simply trying to spice up a long winter and an otherwise boring existence or is there a foreign agenda at work here?

It certainly looks like Shakespeare had it right when he wrote, "Something is rotten in the kingdom of Denmark."

Is Denmark being set up for a false-flag terror attack? That seems very likely, given the absurdity of this latest anti-Muslim offense.


Denmark is an active member of the anti-Muslim crusade known as the "War on Terrorism." Knowing that this fraudulent "War on Terrorism" is nothing but a Zionist scheme to drag corrupt Western nations into illegal wars of aggression against Muslim nations -- on behalf of Israel -- it stands to reason that Denmark must be both corrupt and dominated by strong Zionist-Jewish forces. There must, after all, be a good reason why other Scandinavians have traditionally called the Danes the "Jews of Scandinavia."

Remember, the Zionist false-flag terror of 9-11 was carried out in New York City, the most Jewish-controlled city outside of Israel. Zionist control of the media, the police and courts, and the government, is essential for such false-flag attacks, in which Muslims are wrongly blamed, to succeed.

Denmark is an active coalition partner and Danish troops are taking part in the illegal foreign occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. Some 380 Danish soldiers are also in Kosovo. About the same number are in Afghanistan, where they have been since 2001. Danish troops are also patrolling the borders of Lebanon. What has Denmark lost in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, or Kosovo?

This extremely irresponsible deployment by the Danish military supports the theory that the nation's leaders are stupid as well as corrupt. How else could this tiny nation of 5.5 million people be involved in 4 unmitigated foreign disasters at the same time? How do they possibly explain such criminal use of Danish armed forces to the people? (This is the same question I have been asking other Nordic and Baltic nations.) Is this another nation on Prozac?

The controlled media uses the cartoon controversy, of course. They say that the Danish troops are fighting Islamic fundamentalism in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lebanon, while the Danish media is waging the same war on the home front. The Zionist media moguls of Denmark are using the offensive cartoons to try to inflame the completely artificial and fraudulent "Clash of Civilizations." How transparent do such media deceptions have to be in order to see through them? Will this nonsense spread or will it be contained to Denmark?

The offensive drawing by Kurt Westergaard depicts the Prophet of Islam wearing a ridiculous turban shaped like a bomb with a lit fuse. How stupid can a cartoonist be?

The Danish papers all claim that they are showing their commitment to freedom of speech after police arrested three people accused of plotting to kill Westergaard. This is pure rubbish. There is no such thing as freedom of speech in Denmark. Just try to question the Holocaust in a Danish newspaper and see what happens.

Westergaard, who certainly can not be called a "foolish young man," displays the same profound cultural ignorance and provincial behavior as the Danish government and media. Hasn't this man ever been out of Denmark or Greenland, its largest colony?

Westergaard says that he didn't think that his intentionally offensive drawing would be offensive. Is he on drugs? Didn't he even read a simple encyclopedia article about Islam, the religion he is dedicated to attacking? Can't he read?

If Westergaard is truly keen on preserving Europe's so-called "freedom of speech" and attacking its "holy cows," which are protected from criticism, why doesn't he increase the number of his fronts, like the Danish military, and start drawing offensive cartoons about the Holocaust? Why is the controlled media's version of European-Jewish history protected from such satire and criticism?

"With this drawing I wanted to show how fanatical Islamists or terrorists use religion as a kind of spiritual weapon," Westergaard said. "Naturally I never imagined these kinds of reactions."

Westergaard may simply be extremely daft or desperate for money, but why would normal Danes go along with offending 1.5 billion Muslims? What is wrong with these people?

Because Denmark is a very small country and is generally not very well known by outsiders, let's look at who these Danes are.

Today, on BBC World television, I saw a very piggish-looking Danish woman defending the re-printing of the offensive cartoon. Although I didn't catch her name, she certainly looked like a pig, which happens to be the favorite food and most common animal species in Denmark. She certainly had some of the pig in her.

While Danes may be very nice looking, they really sound quite awful when they speak. This is because Danish is a very primitive language, like Norwegian, but the Danes have preserved all the animal-like guttural grunts and burp sounds of the Vikings. It is not unfair to say that Danish does not sound very nice.

But not all the grunts and burps one hears in Denmark are coming from the people. There are five times as many pigs in Denmark as people. Imagine that.

Pigs are known to be very intelligent animals and certainly have some rights too. Pigs are certainly more intelligent than the people who publish the newspapers of Denmark!

Perhaps Denmark should consider changing its name to Svinmark (Pigmark) and rename its capital, Grishagen (Pigharbor) to reflect the fact that the overwhelming majority of its population is, in fact, pigs. (Danes are fighting to support such changes in Kosovo, a part of Serbia, after all, to reflect the majority Albanian population.)

The swine industry in Denmark is one of the most important parts of the Danish economy. In terms of value of annual turnover, Danish Crown Cooperative for pig production is the third largest company in the country. Some 60,000 Danes are employed in the pork industry. Thanks to the "War on Terrorism," many of the Danes who can't find jobs slopping muck in the pig houses of Denmark are able to find jobs in Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Iraq.

The Danes even have a National Committee for Pig Production, which conducts research on pig production and processing. Danes, it must be said, are known for keeping pigs in extremely inhumane conditions. Danish pigs don't spend a single day of their lives in the fresh air running free. This is partly because Denmark is so small that there is no space for the pigs to run around. It is also because the Danes love pork with a lot of fat.

In order to increase the fat content of the pig, Danish pig farmers severely restrict the movement of the pig. A Danish pig spends its entire life in a pig-house stall where it can only stand and sit until it is slaughtered. In all honesty, this can only be described as extremely cruel treatment of animals.

While the number of pork producers in Denmark has declined over the past 30 years, falling from about 80,000 in 1975 to about 10,000 in 2004, the number of pigs produced during that same time has more than doubled: from 11.3 million in 1970 to 25.2 million in 2004. This is in a tiny nation of some 5 million people!

Danes obviously eat a lot of pork. According to a Danish study, Danes ate approximately 122 pounds per capita in 2004. Some 85-90 percent of Danish pork production is exported, making Denmark the world's largest pork exporter. Danes clearly live off the backs of pigs.

The study of Danish society, written by Danish scientists, "politely" described Danish food as "unmemorable."

"'Danish cuisine' is an oxymoron," the paper, entitled "Why Danes are smug," said, "except perhaps the open faced 'butter breads' that accompany the beer and aquavit Danes consume for lunch."

Aquavit is a distilled grain alcohol product containing about 40 percent alcohol by volume. Danes drink this "for lunch," as the study noted.

Danes do, indeed, drink and smoke a great deal. Danes are among the highest consumers of alcohol and tobacco in Europe. This is reflected in causes of death and their low life expectancy.

A reviewer of the Danish study suggested that one reason that Danes seem smug may be that they were drunk when they participated in the European surveys. While this may sound silly, it is actually based on a good understanding of Danish society; Danish workers and firemen traditionally enjoy their first beer break at about 10 a.m.

Christopher Bollyn is an independent American journalist dedicated to exposing the lies of 9-11 and the fraudulent "War on Terrorism." Bollyn considers a correct understanding of these hoaxes to be essential to preserving the values of our shared civilization. Bollyn has lived and worked in Scandinavia, including a stint on a Norwegian farm that had a "grishus" or pig-house in which the pigs were kept in inhumane conditions very similar to those found in Denmark. The Bollyn family is strongly opposed to the inhumane treatment of animals and human beings. That's one of the reasons he is dedicated to bringing out the truth of 9-11.

See: "Why the European Press is Provoking Muslims" and other articles on Flemming Rose by Christopher Bollyn, February 3, 2006

Blood Ritual in Denmark?

2 - Danish Bordellos

3- Danes Told Anal Sex 'Healthy' For Men

More From the sick perverted Danish Pigs:

Your latest article `Homophobic panic Grips Canada `was barely posted when Ekstra Bladet, a daily `News` Paper here in Denmark ran an article in Sundays edition entitled 'Anal Sex is healthy for men'. The author, a Danish `Sexologist` Mr Robert Lubarski, writes that `men should surrender themselves to their sexuality, and that it was time that the social spotlight was shone on the `Male Orgasm`. He continues that 'Men who allow the accepted male role to dictate their habits in the bedroom are negatively affecting themselves' and that some men who have experienced Anal Sex worry that they might be Homosexual (a fair bet I think). He is concerned that today's man focus's too much on what he believes is his expected part to play sexually, instead of simply enjoying himself.

This self proclaimed Sexual Guru, has his wife to bugger him with a strap on dildo. He doesn't believe that a man who allows his girlfriend to sodomise him with said `strap on` is any less of a man, quite the contrary. He believes that if a woman is so repulsed by such a request from her `lover` that she leaves him, then she wasn't worthy of the man's affections anyway.

In the article, he recommends that all men experience the joys of Anal Sex, particularly the `receptacle` part in the `play`. According to Mr Lubarski, the Anus is a very important part of a mans sexuality, and likens it's sensitivity to a woman's clitoris. He advises that men `massage` their prostate gland through the Anus, and suggests that either the owner of the gland, or his girlfriend/wife might do so.

The `News` paper then smugly states that six months ago, in a `poll`, 60% of male readers stated they enjoyed anal stimulation, and 62% of female readers answered that they enjoyed giving their male partners the afore mentioned stimulation.

Zany, indeed! Of course, if a woman is `buggering` her man, thereby taking on the male role, then she effectively becomes the dominant partner. Don't tell me this `Freakzoid` Lubarski isn't aware of this fact.

Feminism is the ultra poison of our age. So much of the evil flows from it, it is one the Illuminati's premier vehicles for dispersal, and this latest piece of bile, if adopted/accepted by all those idiot men who can't see the wood for the trees, will be the final nail in the coffin of male patriarchy, soundly hammered in.

This article was printed in a Daily, where children and teenagers would have had easy access to this poison. Danish society along with most others in Western Europe is so far past the point of no return now, that for any decent minded person, the situation is intolerable. How on earth are parents expected to raise their children to be adults with a sound moral base, in a society which openly promotes and flaunts perversion and degradation as being `healthy` practice ?

And you think you have problems over there.

Philip Jones

The original article can be found at

How to start a 'Clash of Civilization'

The US Military Intelligence Division believed the Protocols to be authentic

Jewish Child Sexual Abuse Jewish Pedophilia

4 - Zionist Newspapers reprint Prophet Mohammed cartoon

Newspapers across Europe Wednesday reprinted the controversial cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed that sparked worldwide protests two years ago.

The move came one day after Danish authorities arrested three people allegedly plotting a "terror-related assassination" of Kurt Westergaard, the cartoonist behind the drawing.

Berlingske Tidende, was one of the newspapers involved in the republication by newspapers in Denmark. It said: "We are doing this to document what is at stake in this case, and to unambiguously back and support the freedom of speech that we as a newspaper always will defend," in comments reported by The Associated Press.

Newspapers in Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands also republished the drawing Wednesday as part of their coverage of Tuesday's arrests.

The image, by Morgenavisen Jullands-Posten cartoonist Westergaard, was one of 12 cartoons about the Prophet Mohammed originally published in September 2005. Westergaard's cartoon depicted the prophet wearing a bomb as a turban with a lit fuse.

Violent demonstrations erupted across the world in early 2006 after other newspapers reprinted the images as a matter of free speech. The uproar came as some Muslims believe it is forbidden by the Quran to show an image of the prophet.

Many protesters directed their ire at Denmark, prompting the closure of several Danish embassies in predominantly Muslim countries, including Indonesia and Pakistan. There were also attacks on other diplomatic missions in Iran and Syria among others.

The Danish Foreign Ministry has said it is keeping a watch on the situation at its embassies and has yet to report any incidents.

Muslim leaders in Denmark Wednesday attacked the republication of the cartoon, as well as the alleged murder plot, while calling for calm. Imam Mostafa Chendid, chief of the Islamic Faith Community, told AP his group was discussing whether to hold a demonstration before parliament, adding: "We are so unhappy about the cartoon being reprinted."

"No blood was ever shed in Denmark because of this, and no blood will be shed. We are trying to calm down people, but let's see what happens. Let's open a dialogue."

The Danish Security and Intelligence Service Tuesday said police arrested a 40-year-old Dane of Moroccan origin and two Tunisians in the Aarhus area of western Denmark following lengthy surveillance.

The Danish citizen is charged with a terrorism offense, the intelligence service said, and the Tunisians will be deported. Police have not yet released the names of the three.

The target of the plot, the intelligence service said, was the cartoonist for the Danish newspaper Morgenavisen Jullands-Posten, which first published the controversial drawings in September 2005. The paper identified the cartoonist as Kurt Westergaard. Video Watch how threats have targeted cartoonists »

"Not wanting to take any undue risks [the intelligence service] has decided to intervene at a very early stage in order to interrupt the planning and the actual assassination," the statement by Jakob Scharf, the agency's director general, said. "Thus, this morning's operation must first and foremost be seen as a preventive measure where the aim has been to stop a crime from being committed."

Westergaard has previously said that he wanted his cartoon to say that some people exploited the prophet to legitimize terror. However, many in the Muslim world interpreted the drawing as depicting their prophet as a terrorist.

"Of course I fear for my life after the Danish Security and Intelligence Service informed me of the concrete plans of certain people to kill me," Westergaard said in a statement posted on the newspaper's Web site. "However, I have turned fear into anger and indignation. It has made me angry that a perfectly normal everyday activity which I used to do by the thousand was abused to set off such madness."

CNN's Paula Newton said the arrests reinforced growing fears in Europe that radical Islam was trying to suppress free speech.

"More and more Europeans feel that Islam is a threat to their way of life," Newton said. A recent Gallup poll for the World Economic Forum showed a majority of Europeans believed relations between the West and the Muslim world were worsening. According to the poll this sentiment was strongest held among Danish.

Westergaard remains under police protection and does not know whether it will continue.

"I could not possibly know for how long I have to live under police protection; I think, however, that the impact of the insane response to my cartoon will last for the rest of my life," he said. "It is sad indeed, but it has become a fact of my life."

Carsten Juste, the paper's editor-in-chief, said staffers have been "deeply worried" for several months.

"The arrests have hopefully thwarted the murder plans," he said on the newspaper's Web site. CNN

Corporate Fascism–Danish Style.

Secrets of Zion


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Thierry meyssan the author of "The Big Lie" - about the 9/11 - was in a TV show in my country a few months ago. he opinioned that this foolish act is a part of clash of civilizations.He thought that they try to make nations and civilizations hate each other. i think he was right. maybe a few years ago, we(muslims) had no feeling about danish people. and what now? we really hate them? isn't this a CLASH?
he even said that the cartoon may not be prophet muhammad(PBOH), and this is an israeli media trick to emphesise the negative feelings among the nations.

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